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Is CBD Oil Legal?

Vicken Seraydarian

Posted on September 12 2018

Cannabidiol is great for a variety of diseases. That’s why you will notice that a lot of companies are using CBD to create cannabis-based oils designed to help people improve their health. CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant, and just about everywhere in the world you will see it marked as a food supplement.

Manufacturers are obtaining the CBD oil from hemp plants via cold pressing the seeds or parts of the hemp plant. A thing to consider is that the oil has low levels of CBD. That means you won’t have to worry about the usual psychoactive effects of cannabis. It’s designed to eliminate that effect, all while still helping your body deal with cancer, pain and a variety of health problems as well.

The problem is that a lot of countries tend to see cannabis as illegal, so what should we know about CBD oil? Is it safe to use, and even more, is it legal to use? That depends on who you ask, and also on how you plan to use it in order to obtain great results. The US market for CBD products is booming, in fact, it was worth around $190 million last year, and it will most likely reach a billion in 2020 or a bit after that. Which means there’s a huge potential here, and a lot of manufacturers tend to focus on the creation and sale of CBD oil.

Is it legal though?

As you can imagine, it mostly depends on where you live and where the CBD oil comes from. Knowing your local law is a priority because you have to figure out where and how you can use this type of oil to begin with. Thankfully, we created a list that will help you figure out where CBD oil is illegal, where you can use it without a problem and so on.

Is CBD oil illegal in any state?

The use of CBD products is illegal in a few states. Idaho is one of the states, but then you also have South Dakota and Kansas. It’s safe to say that these are the only remaining states where CBD oil is illegal, so if you live there, you may not be able to use such a product. It’s a very good idea to check the local law just to be safe. Who knows, things may change in a little while, but for now, living in these states and consuming CBD products is not permitted.

CBD and low THC Use is allowed or not?

There are some states where you only are allowed to consume low THC and CBD products. These states basically include Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee. All these states are ok with low THC compound consumption, but even so the laws are very strict when it comes to the amount you are allowed to use. That’s why you have to talk with the local authorities to see which are the limits. Most of the time they will differ from state to state, so you really have to study everything until you make a decision.

Recreational use

Recreational use is allowed in California, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. If you live in these states, you will have no problem using CBD oil, so you can rest assured that it will be a great experience for you if you do this right.

Using CBD oil for medicinal purposes

A lot of states allow CBD oil for medicinal use. Montana, North Delaware, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Florida and Michigan are great examples in this regard. There are also places where CBD oil is decriminalized, and you can also use it for medicinal use, such as New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, and others.

Is it possible for things to change?

Of course, every state tends to change the way it administers marijuana laws, so obviously there will be changes in the short and long run. That being said, this can be very hard on manufacturers that actively deliver CBD oil products. The reason is simple, the law is pretty harsh on them in some states, which should not be the case.

Then there’s the problem that you can find a lot of online shops. What this means is that a lot of people can buy CBD oil online even if they live in a region where they can’t consume it. That will obviously lead to some issues since the government has clear indications. And you are bound to face the law if you don’t use CBD oil adequately and according to the local laws. This gets a bit confusing, but it does go to show the overall legal ambiguity of using CBD oil in many states.

The CBD movement continues to grow and enhance its power all the time. So we might see some major shifts in the list we shared above. That being said, you need to talk with the local authorities and study the local laws before you use CBD oil. There are still plenty of places where you can encounter legal issues if you use any sort of CBD compound.

While we are close to a time where there won’t be any legal issues related to CBD oil anymore, there’s still a whole lot of political issues to face and deal with at this time.

In the end, CBD oil is very good and healthy for a lot of people, and hopefully, more and more states will realize that and legalize it. That being said, the process has been slow, yet there are lots of advancements. So while it will certainly take a little while to tackle all this kind of stuff, it will totally be worth the effort. Just consider giving CBD oil a shot if possible, but make sure that it’s legal in your area first. The last thing you want is to encounter legal problems, so try to keep that in mind beforehand!


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