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Receptra Pet™ Hemp Oil

Receptra Pet™ Hemp Oil


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Receptra Pet™ Hemp Oil

Caring for your four-legged companions just got easier with Receptra Pet Hemp Oil. Developed using their premium CBD-hemp extract, Receptra Pet is an all-natural solution specially formulated for your pets.


  • Daily health supplement, non-GMO, vegan, organic.
  • Excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids: these are essential fatty acids, meaning your dog or cat can’t produce them naturally, and needs to obtain them from other sources. A good balance of these Omega Fatty Acids is critical to your pet’s health as they are the foundation of homeostasis.
  • Contains MCT oil 

Who It’s For

Ideal for dogs and cats that need support for their daily and mild to advanced needs.

Why It’s Different

Receptra Pet is a carefully formulated blend of their premium CBD-hemp extract and MCT oil. Developed using their proprietary hemp genetics, it's100% grown on family owned farms in Colorado.

Step-By Step Guide:

Simply fill the dropper and squeeze the oil into your pet’s mouth or put on food or treats.  Start with 3-4 DROPS and work up with each dose to the suggested weight-based amounts below or until you achieve the desired result. 

  • <15 lbs. = 1/4 dropper
  • 15-30 lbs. = 1/2 dropper
  • 30-45 lbs. = 3/4 dropper
  • 45+ lbs. = 1+ dropper

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